WELCOME!New Patients

Whether you’re new to Jamestown, new to Medical Marijuana or are looking to become a new Medical Card Holder in AZ, this page has helpful information for you!

START HERENew Patients at Jamestown

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in making Jamestown your home dispensary. To make the experience as smooth as possible here is some information for your first visit to keep in mind:

  • Please bring your Medical Marijuana Card. We want to make sure you get what you came for and we won’t be able to serve you without it!
  • Keep in mind, we can only serve 18+ at our location. If you’re child has a medical marijuana card, you must be present with them as the authorized caregiver
  • At this time, we accept cash and validated Credit/Debit cards for payment. We have an ATM on the premise for your added convenience
  • Our menu and deals are posted daily to Leafly. Check regularly to see if we have your favorite product or for new brands to try at your next visit
  • Did you love your first experience with us? If so, leave us a review on Leafly telling us what you liked and receive 10% off your next purchase!

Phone Orders: 9am – 2pm, Pickup Time: 2pm – 6pm

Phone/Online Orders: 9am – 5pm, Pickup Time: 10am – 6pm


Valid 3/1/2020 – 1/1/2021DOCTOR ONSITE at Jamestown Center

Get certified! New patients welcome!

Every Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. onsite, here at Jamestown Center!

$125. Evaluation Fee + $150. State Fee. ($75 discount for those qualifying for SNAP – State Aid)

Call or text 213-542-0665 for more info and to schedule your appointment.

Payment plans & appointments available!

Had a very pleasant time. Applied for my medical card. Very professional and fast. Everybody was very nice and informative.

James Stevens

Friendly people and good stuff, the only legal game in town.

Colin Watley

Great weed great employees and great customer service. Easy location and dependable service.

Larry Johnson


Mon – Sat: 9am-6pm
Sunday: Closed
Phone/Online: 9am – 5pm
Pickup Time: 10am – 6pm
Not currently accepting walk-in orders